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To all Western Region III Metis Citizens, 

Please be advised that the Leadership of Western Region III is taking the COVID-19 outbreak very serious and at this time we are in the processes of implementing a Regional/Community Action Plan.  This action plan will be fluid as to address the needs and concerns of our Metis citizens, presently and forward into the Summer.  During the design phase of this action plan, we encourage all citizens to follow the advice of Provincial and Federal Government recommendations, as well as, municipal stipulations related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

During these difficult times, it is important to reach out to our community and assess the needs of our Metis citizens, thus ensuring we are equipped to support their needs.  A necessary component of this Action Plan is inclusive of a compilation of volunteers: assessing and fulfilling these defined needs in support of our community.  Therefore, we are asking that you, the Metis citizens within Western Region III, contact us via email with your potential concerns or needs; also, if you or anyone in your community is willing and able to help in volunteering as we move forward during these trying times.  


This may be in the form of delivering groceries to seniors or others in need of support.  As well, potentially checking in on some of our citizens as necessitated.  (And other areas defined by community).  

Please email the contact in your community listed below or contact us at: or via facebook (Western Region III)

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